Wedding Beauty Salon For Women, Brides, Girls – Top 3 Places You Can Go!

Welcome to a world of fantasy for me as I am now dispensing beauty salon for women’s services. I can only hope that the next person reading this article will get the best from my experience. My life is far too short to give you advice that may not work for you. However, I have had some good and some bad. Let me tell you about them.

My first encounter with a beauty salon for women took place while I was visiting friends in Maryland. I was introduced to a very nice and professional makeup artist by one of her students. My friends were quite shocked to see me in such a compromising situation and were dumbfounded at my reaction to it. “This woman has been giving me eye lash extensions, fake tan, and false eyelashes for years, where is she getting all that talent from?”

My response to that question was that she got all that beauty “training” from her Grandma who taught at the local university. My next two encounters with beauty salons for women occurred in Bangkok, Thailand and Tokyo, Japan. My third and final encounter was in Mexico City, my second “spa”. I went to a makeup artist who also did hair and nail care and was quite impressed. I left the beauty shop with my arm band back around my neck feeling like an impostor. If these were my first experiences, I would rate beauty salons for women high on my list of recommended beauty spots for personal growth and development.

The top spot on my beauty salon for women’s services would have to be a clinic in New Orleans. My personal growth spurt had begun there and nothing could top that for beauty-related experience. My eye lash extensions were done by a very qualified physician whose knowledge about the procedure exceeded mine. After having my eyes done, I was instructed to come in everyday to get my eyelashes trimmed and my nails done. The atmosphere in the beauty salon for women is very relaxed, kind, and helpful.

Some beauty salons are better than others. I recently read in a travel article that forty percent of American women frequent hair salons at least once a year. I was surprised that a place that offers hair care, manicures, pedicures, and makeup applications would be on the top of my list for beauty salons for women. A visit to the luxury spa in my home town of New Orleans gave me the best facial I have had yet. I will never go back to a regular beauty salon for my beauty care needs again.

The second best place for beauty salons for women in my opinion would be a daily body spa. These beauty salons do not specialize in facials, but they do offer a wide variety of body treatments. My personal favorite would be their seaweed wrap, which is great for helping you lose weight, increase stamina, improve your skin tone and texture, and much more! This place is located in New Orleans and offers great prices.

The third place I would consider to be a top beauty salon for women would be a New Jersey location. We live in an upscale part of New Jersey, and each of our daughters went to a beauty salon for her graduate school graduation. As you can imagine, it wasn’t cheap and neither was the graduate school tuition. Thankfully, my daughters now are in their mid-twenties and still frequent these beauty salons and I’m convinced it has all been worth it.

I would love to say that I never used a beauty salon for women after my daughter’s graduation from college. I was actually too afraid at first, but now I cannot imagine going anywhere without having my hair done. My husband even helps me with it, but only because he knows how much I despise spending money on these things! My favorite thing to do there is get my hair colored and have a face lift done. It costs me a little bit more, but well..Who’s going to argue with saving a few bucks? My girlfriends think I’m crazy for going to these beauty salons so often, but what do I have to lose!